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Sanitary Bins Guildford

Conserve Hygiene: Washroom Solutions

Feminine Hygiene

Ensuring your ladies washrooms comply with the latest regulations.
Our service includes regular disposal and documentation, so there is nothing for you to do.

sanitary bins Guildford
Pedal operated sanitary unit
Grey or white
Fully serviced at regular intervals
H:475mm, W:160mm, D:430mm

sanitary bins Guildford
White dual column machine
Dispenses towels and tampons
Fully serviced at regular intervals
H:650mm, W:420mm, D:135mm

sanitary bins Guildford
VisionAir digital air freshener
A battery operated unit
Dispenses fragrances at timed intervals
Fully serviced regularly by our staff
H:185mm, W:75mm, D:90mm

sanitary bins Guildford
Available in two sizes
Dispenses a sanitiser gel

Hygienically cleans the toilet seat/flush handle
Fully serviced at regular intervals
H: 218mm, W:82mm, D90mm - Large
H:180mm, W:65mm, D:85mm – Small

sanitary bins Guildford
Pump action unit
Prevents build up of limescale and uric acid
Delivers a measured dose on each flush
Fully serviced by our staff
W:255mm, W:90mm, D:80mm

sanitary bins Guildford
Water Saver
Designed to save up to 70% of water usage
Fully installed by our staff
H:160mm, W:90mm, D:52mm

sanitary bins Guildford
Automatic operation via infra red sensor
Hygienic dispensing
Can dispense foam soap or hand sanitiser
Fully serviced at regular intervals
H:225mm, W:90mm, D:80mm

sanitary bins Guildford
Hand sanitiser liquid gel
Ideal for use after or in between hand washing
Fully serviced by our staff
H:180mm, W:65mm, D:85mm

Conserve Hygiene Solutions' Wide Range of Products Keep Your Washroom Clean & Fragrant
Feminine Hygiene Waste, Washroom Products & Clinical Waste Disposal - Sanitary Bins Guildford

Sanitary Bins Guildford

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Sanitary Bins Guildford
Our product range includes:

  • Sanitary bins
  • Small vending machines
  • Dual vending machines
  • VisionAir digital airfresheners
  • Toilet seat sanitisers
  • Urinal dosing units
  • Water savers
  • Hand dryers
  • Dust mats
  • Automatic foam soap dispensers
  • Automatic hand sanitisers
  • Clinical waste disposal

We provide clinical waste disposal Guildford, washroom products, hygiene solutions, clinical waste bins, sharps bins, sharps units, sanitary bins and female washroom vending units alongside other essentials to keep your washrooms clean and hygienic. For sanitary bins - small vending machines - dual vending machines - visionair digital airfresheners - toilet seat sanitisers - Urinal dosing units - water savers - hand dryers - automatic foam soap dispensers - automatic hand sanitisers - clinical waste disposal - Sanitary Bins Guildford.